(c)2008 be jewelry and crafts, betsy kennedy creative designs
about me:

i am the proud mom of four strapping teenage boys, the youngest of
whom has Down syndrome.  i am the wife of the most wonderful and
supportive guy in the universe, and slave to 2 dirty dogs.  we live on the
west coast of florida.  i h
ave my masters degree in autism and
intellectual disabilities
, and work with primary grade students with
severe autism

i have always been somewhat 'crafty', but when i went to the local art
center years ago i found silver smithing and i fell in love with it.  
something about playing with fire, hammers, drills and saws just made
me so happy!  so, in order to facilitate my need to make more, I decided
to sell some!  first to friends, then at craft shows and stores, and now
online.  thanks for helping me grow!

enjoy, let me know what you think! leave comments, ideas, or just say
hello on my contact page.  thanks!

simple, fun, original handmade silver jewelry.