(c)2008 be jewelry and crafts, betsy kennedy creative designs
(c)2008 be jewelry and crafts, betsy kennedy creative designs
simple, fun, original handmade silver jewelry.  
the items on this page were made in collaboration with a
client.  via phone or email, we created the design together
so that they had a meaningful piece of jewelry that would
last a lifetime.
dino bone cabochon (really!)
bracelet made for a woman's
80th birthday.  Around the
bracelet, the initials of all 40 (!!)
of her grandchildren are
stamped. on the inside of the
bracelet are the initials of the
couple who helped design this as
their gift.
created by a mom of 5 kids. the
three dandelions represent her 3
daughters. we made 5 of the
floating wishes actual holes to
represent the 5 kids.  on the back
is a soldered heart with all the
kids initials.
created by a godmother for the
birth of her godchild. it is a rattle,
but can be worn as a necklace for
mom to pull off during
emergencies.  the initials of the
baby are on the other side of the
rattle.  the main rattle is 1.5
inches in diameter.
in my husband's blue grass
band for his 50th birthday.  
made with copper and sterling