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simple, fun, original handmade silver jewelry.  
The Down Syndrome Awareness Pendants are made of sterling silver and cost $50
each plus $5 shipping to continental US, and tax if you live in the state of Florida.
 I can personalize it on the back with initials and date if you like, no extra
Please note that these are hand stamped. This means that the letters
won't be perfectly lined up, or perfectly evenly stamped.  I do my best, but I
can't guarantee perfection. sometimes perfection is over-rated :).
 It comes
without a chain.  I have 18 inch sterling silver bead chains for an additional $30.  
I can invoice you via paypal, accept credit card over the phone, or you can mail
me a check.  
This site does not accept payment. This form contacts me so we can
work out details and payment options.
It will probably take me about 2-4 weeks. I
will do my best to be quick.  If you are still interested, fill out the form below
and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Thanks for your interest!
Down Syndrome Awareness Pendant
Your name:
email address:
Your address:
Would you like a chain?
please type
yes or no!
Initials and Date of
Birth for back of
pendant and any
Check, paypal, or
credit card
(c)2013 be jewelry and crafts, betsy kennedy creative designs
If you don't hear back from me within 24 hours, please email
me at  
Email me with questions any time!
My Down Syndrome Awareness Pendant has three holes
that symbolize the three chromosomes on the 21st set in
people with Down syndrome. There are 46 dots around the
edge, with the 47th below where I stamp "21".

On the back, I stamp the loved one's initials and date of
birth, or whatever you would like back there! Because each
one is made individually by hand, each one is unique.